February 13, 2022

Dallas Hair replacement experts from Folicure - How to Make Your Hair Replacement Look Natural

Hair replacement experts from Folicure share their tips for making sure your hair replacement system looks as natural as possible.

Tips from Folicure Hair Replacement Experts to get the perfect hair replacement in Dallas

A hair replacement system is a non-surgical method of restoring your hair to what it used to be. With the right choice of hair replacement, you can boost your confidence and restore your hairline and thickness to that of your youth.

In this article, hair replacement experts from Folicure share their tips for making sure your hair replacement system looks as natural as possible.

1. Choose a hair replacement made of human hair.

    Real human hair is the best choice for a natural-looking hair replacement. While some synthetic hair alternatives nowadays may do a fairly good job of mimicking the real thing, there is no perfect alternative to real, all-natural human hair, in terms of look, feel, and movement. When crafted by hair replacement experts, a hair replacement piece made from natural human hair will blend seamlessly into the rest of your hair. Not only will it look natural both up close and from a distance, it will also feel natural when you or your partner runs their fingers through your hair.

    2. Avoid mass-produced hair replacement systems.

      You can easily find a mass-produced, factory made synthetic hair replacement for very little money, but these kinds of hair replacements rarely, if ever, look natural. Wearing a very obvious hair replacement, toupe, or wig that doesn’t match your hairline or hair type or flatter your face shape and features is entirely pointless.

      In the same way that a tailored suit — specifically fitted to your unique body shape — is more flattering than one straight off the rack, a hair replacement system designed for your face and hair will be far more flattering and natural-looking than a mass-produced one.

      3. Get a custom fitted hair replacement system.

        The best way to ensure that your hair replacement system looks as natural as possible is to get a custom-fitted hair replacement system hand-made by hair replacement specialists. Dallas hair replacement specialists from Folicure will design a custom hair replacement system with the following features in mind to ensure the most natural look possible for your new hair:

        • Your hair color.

        • Your hair texture.

        • Your hair type or curl or wave pattern.

        • Your pre hair-loss hairline.

        • Your unique hair growth pattern.

        • Cowlicks, gravity splits, and other unique features that distinguish you from the crowd.

        • Age appropriate hair density and texture.

        • Your preferred hairstyles and personal styling choices.

        • The most flattering design for your facial shape and features.

        Customizing each of these features will ensure that you get a hair replacement system that blends seamlessly into your existing hair. For a free, no obligation consultation with top-rated Dallas hair replacement experts at Folicure, click here.

        4. Use hair products specially made for hair replacement systems, as recommended by your hair replacement specialist.

          Taking care of your hair replacement properly is key to keeping its natural, flattering look for as long as possible. Your hair replacement specialist will give you detailed care instructions to keep your hair replacement system in excellent condition.

          It is crucial to follow these instructions precisely to keep your hair replacement system looking natural. You may need to use specially formulated shampoos and conditioners or specially made combs and brushes to protect your hair replacement system. However, Folicure’s patented hair replacement technology is specially designed with ease of use in mind.

          Your hair replacement from Folicure will fit easily into your existing lifestyle — you can cut, wash, and style it just like any natural hair. You can even go swimming with it on!

          5. Store your hair replacement system on a stand.

            Another way to keep your hair replacement system looking as natural as possible is to store it on a specially made stand. This will keep it from losing its shape, so it can continue to flatter your hairline and face shape for years to come.

            About Folicure Hair

            At Folicure, we understand that baldness is more than just skin deep. Whether as a result of a health condition such as a thyroid dysfunction or a hormonal abnormality, a side effect of medical treatment such as chemotherapy, or simply a result of aging, hair loss can be anywhere from frustrating to devastating. Folicure Hair is the answer to preserving the hair you still have, stopping hair loss in its early stages or recovering a full head of hair. We deliver results that cannot be achieved with invasive hair transplant surgeries or dangerous chemicals with documented adverse effects. Instead, Folicure will craft a comfortable, undetectable hair replacement system that’s right for you. Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today.

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