November 05, 2022

Does Hair Replacement Offer Competitive Price Report by Dallas Folicure Hair Restoration Co.

Folicure offers competitive pricing for its non-surgical hair replacement services.

We have the most competitive pricing structure, including something for everyone. Our top-of-the-line product and service are almost double at other clubs. You really need to see for yourself. →

Folicure non-surgical hair replacement can replace the hair exactly as it previously grew. Our replacement techniques recreate your original hairline, density, texture, growth patterns, cowlicks, and gravity splits. Let us reiterate that – we can recreate the exact head of hair you had. There is no aesthetic look we cannot capture. It’s important to understand these are not wigs or toupees. This hair system can be styled, cut, and washed like normal hair. You can even swim while wearing it!

We provide a patented non-surgical procedure and treatments in hair restoration that will never leave you with a static hairstyle. The real impact of our systems, however, is that they are virtually undetectable to touch. Whether with family and friends, at work or play, or in an intimate situation, when it’s most important, when you’re most self-conscious, you can relax – let someone run their fingers thru your hair… it feels just like your very own.

We also offer Individually customized & personalized plans to get a big piece of your life back. Call us on (214) 691-5700, or drop us a message for a free consultation here →

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