January 15, 2022

Dallas non surgical hair replacement experts - How to Take Care of Your Hair as You Age 2022 Update

Find out why your hair changes as you age and our best men’s hair care tips to keep it healthy and radiant. How to Take Care of Your Hair as You Age in 2021 — Tips for Men

"As you age, your hair undergoes natural changes that require a different hair care routine. Navigating these can be difficult to manage. In this article, find out why your hair changes as you age and our best men’s hair care tips to keep it healthy and radiant."  Hair replacement services at Folicure Hair Replacement in Dallas, TX.

What Happens to Your Hair As You Age?

Here are the signs that come along with aging hair:

  1. Grey hairs. After the age of thirty-five, it is perfectly normal if you notice that some of your hair is growing grey. The exact age of onset and how quickly your hair turns gray will depend on your genetics as well as certain lifestyle factors such as your overall health and stress levels.

  2. Dryness. As you age, your scalp produces lower quantities of the natural oils that keep your hair moisturized and protected from the outside world, leading your hair to appear and feel drier as you get older.

  3. Thinning and balding. One of the most common sources of anxiety and low self-confidence that we see as hair replacement professionals is the thinning and balding that is associated with natural aging. This occurs because after the age of thirty-five, the hormones in your body that trigger hair follicles to produce hair are released in lower quantities.

  4. Slower growth. For similar reasons, your rate of hair growth will slow down as you age. When the rate of hair growth is slower than the rate of shedding (and shedding occurs throughout your life), you will notice your hair thinning.

  5. Textural changes. Changes in hair texture as we get older occur for multiple reasons. Firstly, hormonal changes in the body (such as decreases in testosterone for men) as we age affect our hair texture. Secondly, hair texture tends to become coarser and more fragile because of the altered chemical structure in each strand of hair when it grows out grey.

How to Take Care of Your Hair When You Get Older — 5 Best Haircare Tips for Men

Avoid heat styling.

Regardless of your hair type, frequent heat styling is damaging to your hair. Heat damage can make your hair more brittle, dry, and frizzy, as well as more prone to breaking and falling out.

This includes blow-drying your hair. We recommend letting your hair air dry as much as possible. If you don’t like the idea of starting your day with wet hair or don’t have time to let it air dry before you leave for work, consider washing your hair at night and letting it dry while you sleep.

Choose the right hair care products.

The products you use to wash, style, and care for your hair are an important component of your hair’s health, and it becomes even more important as you age. Avoid shampoos that contain sulfates, as these compounds strip too much moisture away from your hair and scalp, leaving the strands of hair dry and brittle and the scalp prone to irritation.

Ingredients that you do want in your hair care products for their nourishing and strengthening qualities include:

  • Keratin

  • Cetyl alcohol

  • Antioxidants

  • Restoring lipids

Wash your hair less frequently.

Since your scalp produces less natural oil as you age, and shampoo (particularly shampoos that contain sulfates) strips these oils out of your hair and scalp, frequent hair washing can cause your hair to be excessively brittle and dry.

Everyone’s hair and scalp is different, so there is no universal frequency for how often you should wash your hair. However, some older adults may only need to wash their hair once per week for optimum hair health. Experiment with different frequencies to figure out what works for you.

Have your hair trimmed regularly.

Regardless of your hair type, regular trims are an important part of maintaining the health of your hair, especially if your hair is on the longer side. This becomes even more essential as you get older. Get your hair trimmed at least every four to eight weeks (the time you need between trims will vary depending on how fast your hair grows). When your hair is left to grow out without regular trimming, split ends cause further damage to the hair and prevent healthy parts from growing out as quickly as they otherwise would.

Change up your diet.

Your hair requires certain nutrients to grow and thrive, so it’s important to make sure your diet is rich in these nutrients for healthy hair. To help your hair stay healthy, try increasing the following nutrients in your diet, or by taking supplements:

  • Protein.

  • Vitamin C.

  • Vitamin E.

  • Vitamin B7.

  • Vitamin B3.

  • Collagen.

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